Seattle, Washington
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180px-Seattle_Map_-_Delridge.pngDelridge is an informal district of neighborhoods in West Seattle, Washington, bounded by the Duwamish River to the north and east, unincorporated White Center to the south, and West Seattle to the west, generally along 35th Avenue SW. Delridge includes the neighborhoods of (north to south, east to west) North Delridge, Riverview, High Point, Highland Park, South Delridge, and Roxhill.

Delridge may also be defined by land use, with the primarily residential and open space Delridge district extending west from W Marginal Way SW, and the heavy industrial-zoned lower Duwamish Waterway east of Marginal Way and north of SW Spokane Street as part of the adjacent Industrial District.

Delridge neighborhoods

  • High Point
  • Highland Park
  • Riverview (South Seattle Community College)
  • Roxhill
  • Westwood (South Delridge)
  • Youngstown (North Delridge)

High Point

High Point is a neighborhood in the Delridge district, so named because it is one of the highest points in Seattle—the intersection of 35th Avenue SW and SW Myrtle Street is 520 feet above sea level.

Many of the houses in the neighborhood were built during World War II as government housing, and continued to serve as low-income housing through the 1990s. In 2003 a five-year project began to tear this housing down to make way for more integrated housing. A commercial complex is also currently being developed, which will include a grocery store, coffee shop, and many more commercial services.

High Point has many Southeast Asian and East African immigrants.

Highland Park

Highland Park is traditionally a working-class neighborhood, due to its proximity to Boeing Field and other employers in the Industrial District. As with White Center immediately to the south, it now features wide demographic and ethnic diversity.

Near Highland Park is Westcrest Park, which has a dog park or off-leash dog area.


South Seattle Community College (est. 1970) is in Riverview; the college is notable for innovative horticulture and the South Seattle Community College Arboretum. The Seattle Chinese Garden borders the Arboretum. The gardens are on the bluff overlooking the Duwamish River.


Longfellow Creek flows through Roxhill Park.

Westwood (South Delridge)

The surface source of Longfellow Creek is in Westwood.

Youngstown (North Delridge)

Youngstown neighborhood is the dell through which Longfellow Creek flows to the mudflats of the Duwamish River estuary. The neighborhood was rough and rowdy in the early years of White settlement, built in the 1900s for the immigrant steelworkers at nearby Seattle Steel (later long Bethlehem Steel, now Nucor Steel). The Delridge neighborhood features the Youngstown Cultural Arts Center (1999), developed and opened in 2006 by the nonprofit Delridge Neighborhoods Development Association in Frank B. Cooper School (Youngstown School, 1917, renamed 1939) on Delridge Way. The school is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

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