Seattle, Washington
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Seattle Commercial Real Estate

Seattle commercial real estate is sky-rocketing. This revitalization has caused a wave of new construction in the downtown, while residents and property owners have seen a dramatic increase in their property values. Much of this growth can be traced to Seattle's new-found status as a relocation destination. An influx of new residents has increased demand for housing and residential space, and subsequently turned many people into investors, as the demand for rental properties has also increased.

Seattle Development

Seattle's specific location is indeed enviable: backed by the shimmering Mount Ranier, and situated along a stretch of the Pacific coast that is protected from wind and waves by the surrounding islands, Seattle's waterfront is a beautiful expanse of land with great potential.

Seattle has seen a major movement to rebuild and revitalize the commercial buildings and land allowing for spectacular waterfron buildings, trendy condominiums, and state of the art shopping facilities.  Seattle lease rates are still high and growing as we speak.  Expect solid returns when investing in Seattle commercial properties.  Opportunities for converting Seattle apartments into condominiums still exist and raw commercial land in Seattle is still available.  Don't look back in twenty years and say "If I would of bought one piece of commercial real estate in Seattle I would be retiring now!!!"  Now is the time for investors and business owners to own commercial.

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